Maricopa County 4th Avenue and Buckeye Jail Solar Thermal Installations

Maricopa County 4th Avenue and Buckeye Jail Solar Thermal Installations

Description: Installation of 316 solar heat collectors on the rooftops of the 4th Avenue Jail and the Lower Buckeye Jail to provide heated water for inmate showers within each detention facility.

Location: Two (2) Maricopa County Jail Facilities

Owner: Maricopa County Facilities Management

Architect: Michael Baker Jr., Inc.


“Quality and Craftsmanship go beyond nuts and bolts and took on a unique spin with this project.  The solar thermal systems were installed within and on the roofs of Maricopa County’s Lower Buckeye Jail and 4th Ave. Jail.  Access restrictions and Sheriff’s Office mandated working procedures were variables that would not have had to be considered in a “standard” project.  The construction team was able to take these ever changing variables in stride to complete the project on time and within budget.  The necessary quality standards were accomplished by the construction team through professionalism, experience and good leadership.  Constructability improvements were identified early, accomplished quickly and as a rule a savings to the owner.  Also, in a deliberate effort, the team took extraordinary actions to ensure that the end user groups had the needed documentation and operator training.  This was the first solar thermal system installed within the jail system and the construction team’s efforts have gone far to instill user confidence on operating and maintaining the system.”

Don Bump, Project Manager
Maricopa County Facilities Management