Facility Services

At Builders Guild Inc., we realize your building/facility is a major asset to your business. We also realize it is not the primary focus of your business, but houses the service(s) you provide to your clients and customers. Building maintenance and repair is usually cumbersome, time consuming and often interferes with your core business focus.

The BGI team can help you deal with these distractions from your business. Our team of experienced Construction Professionals has spent most of its career working in occupied and operating facilities. We understand the importance of quiet, clean, and timely construction and repairs.

The BGI team provides you with access to many value added services to help keep your facility up and running today and in the future. Our goal is to be your partner and help protect the building asset which houses your business and services.

Contact Bob Carter at (480) 218-3112 to learn more or schedule an appointment, or email us at sales@wp.buildersguild.com.