A Successful Preconstruction Experience

What is a successful preconstruction experience as measured by our clients? The most common response is how well we projected the budget from the first estimate. Our own measurement of success can be summarized into three main categories: Advice, Accuracy, and Availability.

How well do we Advise you on your project?

Builders Guild, Inc. believes the key to a successful preconstruction effort lies in our ability to provide you with the information you need in a timely manor to make those informed decisions needed at every stage in the development of the project.  BGI performs constructability reviews, cost studies, life cycle analysis and proposes alternate methods of construction and/or materials in order to provide the team with the knowledge of project costs at any point in the project. We take the lead on evaluating every option for cost, schedule, and quality impacts with all team members involved and participating. Understanding that the construction costs are only a part of the Total Project costs, we are mindful of other potential expenses and are often called upon to help identify these costs. It is not just in how we present the numbers, but that you understand what the numbers represent.

How Accurate are our estimates?

The earlier we are engaged in the process, the more impact we will have. We understand how important it is to provide an accurate estimate. You need a reliable forecast of project costs from the first estimate. Our experienced in-house team has what it takes. Equipped with tools such as Timberline estimating software, a historical knowledge base of similar projects, and sub-contractor partners we are able to prepare estimates with the Detail you need to understand the scope and intent, and in a consistent format from estimate to estimate. In-depth cost studies are performed to give you the information required to make intelligent decisions early in the process relative to both initial costs and long term paybacks.

How Available are we to the Project Team?

The ultimate success lies in the dedication and commitment of the individuals. That is why we consistently make ourselves available to the entire team and the demands of the project. We desire to work closely with the design team through-out the process to provide constructability and pricing input. Our goal is to exceed all expectations, and build relationships and trust with all team members through our abilities and experience. For Builders Guild, Inc., preconstruction does not stop with the GMP; we are involved through-out the project with a vested interest in the success of the team.