Maricopa County Central Courts High Voltage Feeders Replacement

Central Courts High Voltage  Feeders Replacement


Description: Work included the design and construction required to abandon and install replacement 15kv feeders from the primary service entrance section in the basement to three electrical substations located throughout the Maricopa County Central Courts Building.

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Owner: Maricopa County Facilities Management

Engineer: Lutz Engineering Co.

Quote: “The Central Court 15 KVA replacement project was completed on time, on budget and with a great deal of care for the building’s occupants. At no time did we receive complaints from the Central Court Staff concerning disturbances. They were professional and very good communicators to the project management staff as well as the court’s staff. I would recommend Builder’s Guild for projects that required detailed and high quality work.” 

Bill Lukehart, Senior Program Manager
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